Elbow Pain

Elbow Pain

I wanted to do a new video for you guys regarding some elbow pain. If you have pain in your elbow, it’s most often diagnosed as tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow. Tennis elbow is usually associated with pain on the outside of the elbow and golfer’s elbow which is pain on the inside.

This kind of pain are super common and make it difficult to grip things or perform simple tasks with your hands. Essentially, you’ve got tendonitis of your elbow. So there’s a cord that attaches your forearm muscles to the bone. When it tears, it can be extremely painful and they take forever to heal.

Are there some things that you should be doing on your own to help to heal this problem? Yes. If the problem just persists without doing anything, it just will never heal well and it just gets worse and worse with time.

If we diagnose you with tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow. It’s worthwhile to pick one of these bands up at our Clinic…. what these bands do is they take some of the pressure off your elbow. I do not recommend doing this at night time. But when you’re working throughout the day, put one of these bands on just below your elbow and put it really tight ….it will take some of the pressure off and make it easier for you to work and stop irritating it temporarily and give it a little bit of a break to heal. So this is a must if you got that kind of a problem. I would I buy one of these right away.

The nerves that control the muscles in this area come from your neck. So have a chiropractor check your elbow joints and spinal joints to make sure they’re functioning appropriately. If the joints are restricted, stuck or jammed, it’s possible that you might be making your elbow problem worse by having these other issues.

In addition to other things that I mentioned, we should also be looking at getting massage therapy of the elbow and neck muscles. When you have tendonitis, there’s a lot of soft tissue swelling and scarring that happens within the tendon and within the muscle that goes to it. So what you want to do is have some the focused massage on that area, (which we offer at the clinic) and it’s going to be a little bit uncomfortable and painful to get some the blood flowing and attract some healing to the area.

So, you’ve got the band, chiropractic adjustments (if needed), massage therapy . Now the other thing is buying a simple TENS unit. TENS is basically short for electrical muscle stimulation and it allows the affected muscle to contracted and relax over and over repeatedly. You can pick one of these up at our clinic. This will help stop the muscles from atrophying the research shows that if you’ve been having tendonitis, the muscles surrounding the joint can start to atrophy really quickly and if it’s not addressed properly, it will continue to give you problems down the road.

Now we come to Shockwave therapy. We have a machine that punches sound waves through your injured tissue to help to break up old scarring. The last thing we’ll mention today is we recommend doing some laser treatment. We do have laser in some of the offices and the laser will help to reduce some inflammation locally in the area.

Ask us in the office as we may have bundled these things together to save your some money and time.

If you’ve got elbow pain, follow this protocol to help and if you have questions, just let us know.

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