Neck Band Exercises

Neck Band Exercise

Neck Band Exercise from Healthstar chiropractic in Millwoods, Edmonton.

So, what do we do the adjustment? We are unlocking the joints using our hands and specific instruments…this creates motion in the joints.

One of the things that we always want to do is give you things to do at home. So, one of the great things that you can do is what we call Pro lordotic neck exercises.  After we adjust you, we’ll take some of the pressure off the spine, increase the range of motion of your joints and this neck band exercises will help allow you to maintain your correction.  Do maybe 4 to 10 repetitions of each variation of the exercise.  The video link is attached below.  The band will be put at 3 different areas in your neck (again, see the video).  Start with the band at the bottom of your neck, then you move it up to the middle of your neck, and finally it will be placed right up underneath the back of your skull.  You’ll use your arms to push straight out across while extending your head backward (looking up toward the ceiling).

If you got the time, it’s always wise to also start going straight back with your head but also add a little side movement (again, see the video link below) in all three band positions. And then of course what we do to the right side, we’re going to want to do to the left side as well back like this. So, essentially this exercise really shouldn’t take you more than a couple minutes a day.

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