Sciatica Exercises

Hey guys, Dr. Gervais here once again! I wanted to show you something about sciatica.  This is for those of you who are having an extreme amount of pain, either in your rear-end, or going down one or both legs.

There’s an additional exercise that we’ll do in addition to the regular daily back exercises that we teach (here’s the link if you want to watch those!  )

I’m gonna go over those couple things right now… so the first position that you want to adopt if you’re really having a lot of pain down the legs is laying on your stomach propped up up on your elbows.  This is the position that will help to force your disc material away from the nerve to relieve the pressure down your legs.

This should be done several times throughout the day for maybe five to ten minutes at a time….perhaps more if you’re really experiencing a really terrible bout of sciatica.

The second thing that I want you to do is called nerve flossing.

To do nerve flossing, sit on a chair or table and look down (chin to chest) as far as you can and slowly extend one leg out…now you’re probably gonna feel this pull along your leg and maybe pull quite heavily into your back and that’s okay…

So when you feel maximum pull, then lift your head up slowly to release the pressure (your leg should still be extended at this time).  Then slowly lower the leg to further reduce the tension/pain.  What that’s gonna do is move the sciatic nerve in and out of the hole where it comes out of the spine… You should be doing this daily and remember that when doing nerve flossing you want to do it slowly!  Going to full tension should take about five seconds.  Also releasing the tension should also be done slowly over 5 seconds.  I want you to do this – it can be a valuable exercise to help your sciatica get better.  If there’s any questions just talk to us at the office and we’ll chat with you later.

Here’s the link to the sciatica nerve flossing video:

Here’s a link to the Healthstar Chiropractic general YouTube channel:

Here’s a link to our office website:

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