Daily Back Exercises

We’re going to go over some basic exercises.  Now these are exercises that many of you should be doing particularly if you’ve got lower back troubles or sciatica. 

Sciatica is pain down your rear end or down into your leg.  There’s a few fundamental things you want to do:

  1.  The bird dog exercise.  You want to find a spot it on the floor.  Get on your hands and knees in the crawling position.  Looking slightly up, lift one arm and the opposite leg straight out.  Repeat this up and down. It doesn’t matter how high the arm or leg goes.  Ideally you want to completely relax after every repetition. Then do this again 20 times in a row on one side, and then 20 times in a row on the other side.  It’s really important to keep your pelvis level – imagine a glass of water placed on your lower back and you don’t want that glass to spill.
  2. Now the second exercise we want you to do is called a side plank.  If you have shoulder problems, there is a variation which will show in our video (link below).  Lie on your side, with your whole body held in the air propped up on one elbow. You can either put your feet staggered (one in front of the other) or on top of one another.   We lift our hips off the floor up toward the ceiling and hold for an eight count. Then relax your hips back down to the floor. Do it again for a total of 5 times on each side. If you find that the side plank difficult for your shoulders what I’m going to recommend that you do is simply do is lean up against a countertop or a wall instead of the ground.  This will make it easier. Make sure that you remember to do this on both sides.
  3. Lastly, we want you to do squats.  The research it shows that almost all people with lower back pain have weak butt muscles.  Do simple knee bends (also in our video link below). Have your feet about shoulder width apart with toes pointed slightly outwards (think 10 and 2).   Keeping your belly button pushed outward and maintaining a curve in your back, let your butt sink down until it touches the chair or bench. Now come straight up and then squeeze your your butt at the very top.

If you have bad knees and that gives you a lot of knee pain, then try a different version.  Lie on the ground with one leg straight or bent, hanging in the air. The other and knee will be bent with that foot flat on the ground.  Holding your hanging leg in the air and all you do is push your bum upwards with the opposite leg. Do that 20 times on one side and then 20 times on the other.

Those are the basic exercises that almost everyone should be doing that will help your middle back, lower back and it will help you heal faster.  

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