Rib Pain

I want to talk to you guys about rib pain. From time to time, everyone will bend or twist the wrong way and what ends up happening is you start getting your chest pains and it feels like someone’s stabbing something sharp into your chest. Now that pain that you experience might go around the rib cage coming front to back or back to front, and sometimes when you breathe in really deep it gets even sharper! Twisting your upper body tends to make that a lot worse. What we see in our office is where the rib doesn’t move properly for various reasons. The ribs in the middle of the back are tightly attached to the vertebrae and what happens is if the vertebra stop moving properly, they become swollen …what happens is that the nerve comes right around the rib cage can get irritated and that’s where you’ll get the pain shooting around your ribs. When you get problems and through here into your middle back it can refer pain all the way around the front and that’s where you get that pain in your ribs. Sometimes it requires adjustment of the rib which we can certainly do, and we may also adjust the spine itself which is also very common.

People always wonder what else they can do to help their rib pains. The first thing you gotta remember is what not to do. So avoid twisting if possible. If your job has a lot of twisting motions, you know that might be hard for you and you can see why these problems might be painful and might go on for longer than you’d like it to. If your job is picking up baggage or something like that, and you twist and turn with it -well obviously you can see that’s going to be problematic for you. When you must twist, turn more with your feet rather than twisting and torquing your shoulders and upper body.

The second exercise we recommend that people do is simply start with the arms at your sides. With your palms facing the ceiling, slowly lift your arms up to the side, breathing in really deeply…. Bringing your arms all the way up until your palms touch each other keeping your elbows straight as you can. Then slowly let your arms down while breathing out.as your arms come down. I recommend doing that about 50 times a day…so when these problems happen to you, make sure you get adjuste…do this exercise and put some ice on it or take some anti-inflammatories. The ice and anti-inflammatories will temporarily get the swelling down so you can at least feel little bit better. Hat’s everything for today take care and have a great day!

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